Badel Plavac (ex. Dingač)  50° (2013)

Badel Plavac (ex. Dingač) 50° (2013)

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This wine, named up to this vintage as Dingač, comes from the grapes from the vineyard of Dingač and it's a very special wine.
ingač is a dry red wine with controlled geographical origin. Dingač has known for its excellent quality and his designation of origin is protected internationally since 1961.

The southern slopes of the Dingač position on the Peljesac peninsula are home to the grapes of  Plavac Mali. Due to specific climatic conditions and the soil, grapes can reach the highest quality levels with distinctive varietal characteristics. The acreage position is strictly limited and all work in vineyard including the harvest of the grapes is done by hand.

Dingač 50° has a beautiful dark red color with typical slightly brown edge and a strong, striking and sumptuous bouquet, reminiscent of overripe fruits. Fresh aromas of ripe red berries with characteristic delicate notes of dried berries, melded with discret nuances from aging in wooden barrels. Balanced body, harmonious and ripe tannins with a soft, elegant and warm finish.

Food pairing: Roasted and spiced meat dishes, stews made of oilier fish, mature cheeses, prosciutto.

Grape variety Plavac Mali
Residual sugar dry
Alcohol 13,5%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 18 ºC

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