About Us

Specialists in the sale of wine via the Internet

Croatianwine.eu is built with the intention of offering the best online selection specialising in fine Croatian wine to European consumers, providing them with a totally satisfactory and safe purchasing experience.

Croatianwine.eu belongs to Vino d.o.o., Croatian leader in the online sale of fine wine.

Vino d.o.o.
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VAT ID: HR12130498619

More than 200 Croatian wines available online

Croatianwine.eu has the finest selection of Croatian wines, mostly from small, family owned winemakers, representing the very best of Croatian terroir.

The greatest Croatian wines

Our selection shows a sample that represents all the wines of Croatia, taking into account wine-producing regions as well as prices, offering the opportunity to buy some of the best vintages.

All of our offerd wines are either fresh and actual vintages directly from producers, or a selection from our stock which was stored in ideal conditions in our wine cellar located in an atomic shelter, providing constant cellar temperature and optimal humidity.

Commitment to Service

Another distinctive hallmark that singles out croatianwine.eu is our commitment to offering the customer excellent service, far removed from the impersonal practices so commonly encountered with online shopping. At croatianwine.eu, we are always at your service, to help you in any way we can.

If you're looking for a wine which we don't have, we'll find it for you

If, despite the breadth of our selection, you don’t manage to find the wine you want, we will locate and request it for you. Furthermore, if at all possible, we will also include it in our catalogue so that other customers can get to know and enjoy it too.

We will help you to choose your wines

Our web pages of recommendations, suggestions and our monthly selections are aimed at helping you to discover new wines but, in addition, our team of advisers is always available to assist you with choosing your wines according to your tastes, preferences and needs.

Extensive opening hours for telephone and email contact

From Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, and with extensive opening hours, we look after our customers’ requirements, by telephone and email, in English and German languages.

Special services: gifts, urgent dispatches, hotel deliveries

Count on us to provide your gifts, to organise urgent deliveries when you need them or arrange for you to receive your wines during trips to other countries.

Contact Us. We are more than willing to help.

Swift and safe delivery

The experience gained over the years now enables us to work with some of the best logistics companies in the market, offering a swift delivery service at a very reasonable price.

Swift delivery

The integration of our information systems with those of the carriers we work with allows us to receive advance notification of any circumstance which could affect an order’s delivery and to deal with them in the most efficient way possible in collaboration with those jointly responsible.

Likewise, our customers are able to carry out the tracking of their order directly on the carrier's website, aware of its location from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it reaches its destination.

Order security and returns guarantee

Croatianwine.eu sends out orders in recyclable cardboard packaging specially designed to protect the bottles during transport and minimise the possibility of breakages. Moreover, all our orders are guaranteed and are covered by insurance against loss or breakage.

In the event of a breakage during transport, croatianwine.eu will take charge of its recovery and organise a new delivery for you immediately. Likewise, we offer the opportunity for part or the whole of your order to be returned or replaced without any questions asked.