Shipping and Delivery has contracts with leading european logistics partners:



The shiping costs to most European countries are low, and being calculated automatically, ranging from just under 0,5 to 2 EUR per bottle - for your order of cca 20 bottles at once, depending on bottle weight. For exact shipping rates, please take a look at Shipping cost calculator acessible from your shopping cart.

For larger orders, or wholesale shipping information, please contact us: sales

We deliver worldwide, however automatic shipping cost calculation is available for the following countries:

    Austria,  Belgium,    Bulgaria,    Croatia,    Czech Republic,    Denmark,    Estonia,    Finland,
    France,  Germany,   Greece,    Hungary,    Ireland,    Italy,    Latvia,    Lithuania,    Luxembourg,
    Netherlands,    Poland,    Portugal,    Romania,    Slovakia,    Slovenia,    Spain,    Sweden,

Shipping to United Kingdom is NOT possible at the moment

Shipping to US, Korea, Australia and Canada is also automatically calculated. Parcels are dispatched in packages up to 12 bottles at once. 

If you live somewhere else, please contact us via email for shipping cost calculation.

What does transport include?

The rates shown on this page include, apart from the transport and delivery of the ordered products, their packaging in boxes that have been especially designed for bottle transportation, insurance against loss and breakage.

Eventual Custom charges and Taxes for NON EU countries are NOT included. These may incure additional cost to final price of product

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders normally take between 2 and 5 working days to be delivered to mainland destinations. For the islands and other European countries the delivery time is 3-6 working days after the order has been placed. Overseas takes  little longer.

Time is counted from 9.00 am of the next working day following the date on which the order was placed (or from the time when receives confirmation of your money transfer if you have chosen this payment method).

What if a bottle breaks on its way to my home?

If a bottle should break during transport, we will make all the necessary arrangements to recover all the items you have ordered.

If you detect any sign of wetness on the packaging or suspect that any of the bottles may have broken, contact us so that we can look into the incident.

Can I ask for them to come at a particular time or to notify me of their arrival time?

Not normally. The terms of our agreement are for a standard service (not urgent), economy type, with delivery during the day, from Monday to Friday, and without any prior notice given.

Although the majority of agencies may well accommodate delivery only in the morning or only in the afternoon, this is not always possible and the agency is not obliged to heed this type of request. We recommend that you provide an address where there will always be someone present during the day to take delivery at the first attempt.

In any case, will send you a message as soon as your order leaves our warehouse and, a few hours later, we will provide you with the necessary information for tracking the consignment on the carrier's website and for establishing the expected delivery date.

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