Tomić Hektorovich Prošek (2016)

Tomić Hektorovich Prošek (2016)

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Relative of the Italian Vin Santo and several other top quality Mediterranean sweet wines, Prošek originates in the coastal part of Dalmatia and Istria, which are also the only two regions where it is still made.

Produced the traditional way, Prošek Hektorovich is the product of carefully picked more mature grapes with some dried grapes intermixed, grown on specially selected locations, which are then dried on straw for up to a month. The resulting wine is irresistibly sweet, with the ripe aromas of raisins, dried fruit and jam…

Prošek Hectorovich was named after Petar Hektorović, a great poet, hedonist and nobleman who came from the island of Hvar.

Food pairing: Desserts, dried figs and blue cheeses.

Grape variety Bogdanuša, Maraština, Prč, Moscato
Residual sugar Sweet (110-130 g/l)
Alcohol 16,0%
Size 0,5L
Serving temp. 10-12 ºC



Andro Tomić was born on the island of Hvar and has dedicated his whole life to wines and oenology. After 20 years of professional training in France and elsewhere, he decided to return to Hvar to produce his own wines. Strongly believing that Hvar, with its authentic varieties, climate and exceptional location of vineyards, can reclaim its long lost reputation in the wine world, Andro follows the 150 – year long tradition of family winemaking. His legendary wines like "1991" proved the high potential of the indigenous variety Plavac Mali and paved the way for a renaissance of the winemaking and viticulture in the region.
In the year 1997, he founded a company named Bastijana, with the primary aim of producing top quality wines and promoting wine culture. We strive towards producing highest quality wines and preserving a long tradition, continually enriching it with new ideas. None of this says much about his personality, but that is beyond words anyway.


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