Trapan Che Sparkling (NV)

Trapan Che Sparkling (NV)

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Trapan's sparkling wine comes from Cuf position near Šišan, Pula. A deep profile of the Istrian red, occasionally skeletoid soil, excellent chemical and mineralogical characteristics, presence of natural humus. Careful pressing of whole grapes, fermentation under controlled conditions, 15 to 16°C. Sparkler made in the classic method, fermented in bottles (Champenoise).

Teran in the Trapan wine station flows from the tap, is in the bloodstream of the winemaker and so it’s the only ingredient of this monovarietal sparkler. Melted raspberry jelly candy mixed with smoked salmon is what you see in the glass.

Fragrant raspberries vinosity wrapped in violet petals, which dominate the brioche and make this sparkling aperitifly dominant. Teranic blood, without sweat, and with tears of salinity, caress the mouth and sings in a hedonistic sunset of old Istrian, teran varietal, Mediterranean, cheerful wine. Smooth, fruity, salty.

Food pairing: cold appetizers of meat.Fish & Chips – potato chips with anchovy fillets, Bruschetta with chicken liver pate, raspberry jam and caprese salad.

Grape variety 100% Teran
Residual sugar brut
Alcohol 11,7%
Size 0,75L
Serving temp. 6-8 ºC

Love, energy and courage are the main drivers of the winery Trapan. Since 2005 to this day with hard work and perseverance, he has created 12 hectares of ecologically clean vineyards.
"The learned knowledge and experience we transfer into the winery creating fine and elegant wines of a specific character, recognizable, with a special Mediterranean touch.
Wine production is primarily a family business and requires a lot of attention and mutual understanding. Believing in the success of our mission, creating from the heart, giving ourselves to the entire production process, we found the right path that leads to achieving our target – to create a distinctive product, in wich even those of most refined taste will enjoy.
The production process is a closed circuit that year after year is repeated, and we strengthen and renew our force and unity by doing something that gives us pleasure. For there is no greater happiness and joy in life than to wake up in the morning and be happy to go work, and work all day and enjoy in all its aspects, and when you liedown in bed at night and think of a new day, it’s not difficult to get up in the morning and the same job awaitts again."


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